Cabasse Abyss: the best amp for Cabasse speakers?


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The 2 x 120W Cabasse Abyss connected amplifier is a highly innovative model, with DSP algorithms that are calibrated for each Cabasse speaker model and adapted to the configuration of the listening room. Very comprehensive, this next-gen amp allows you to enjoy audio streaming and to connect many sources, including a television via HDMI eARC. This modernity is also present in the intelligent design and circular touchscreen. Available for €1,690, is the Cabasse Abyss the best amplifier for Cabasse speaker owners?

The Cabasse Abyss connected amp features many calibrations to allow you to get the best performance with each Cabasse speaker model and adapt its sound reproduction to the configuration of the listening room.

Cabasse Abyss: packaging & accessories

The Cabasse Abyss connected amplifier comes with a power cable, an HDMI cable and an optical cable. However, there is no remote control included with this amp. It can only be controlled using the touchscreen and the Cabasse mobile app.

In addition to its power cord, the Cabasse Abyss connected amp comes with an HDMI and an optical cable.

Cabasse Abyss: presentation


The Cabasse Abyss connected amp replaces the Cabasse Stream Amp 100 from 2015, but completely updates it with the manufacturer’s latest innovations and research, as well with a modernized design. Combining luxury and minimalism, this amp features an entirely metallic chassis with fairly compact dimensions (24.5 x 9.7 x 22cm). The sides are entirely occupied by large heat sinks with solid aluminum fins. The center of the curved front panel features a circular touchscreen that is identical to that of the prestigious Cabasse Rialto speakers.

The Cabasse Abyss amp has a luxurious and elegant design with a circular touchscreen on the front panel.

Reminiscent of a porthole, the screen of the Cabasse Abyss is very practical. It allows you to quickly select the source, change tracks, access your favorites and view the cover art of the music being played. Its brightness can be adjusted to ensure optimal legibility, even in a sunny room. You can set a timer to put the screen in standby mode, or to leave it on while the amp is running.

There are many features that can be quickly accessed via the Cabasse Abyss’s touchscreen, including track switching, favorites and source selection.

The touchscreen is surrounded by a rotating ring that allows you to set the volume. The movement is smooth, ensuring a precise and intuitive adjustment. However, there is one inconvenience: dust inevitably accumulates around and underneath it. After two months with this amplifier, we could hear the dust when turning the ring. Although the particles are easily dislodged, this stands in contrast to the refined and luxurious look that this amplifier aspires to embody.

The screen of the Cabasse Abyss amplifier is surrounded by a metal ring that ensures smooth and intuitive volume control.

DSP-enhanced amplification

The Cabasse Abyss amplifier is equipped with a class D amplification section that can deliver an impressive 2 x 120W into 8 ohms or 215W into 4 ohms. Thanks to exclusive DFE (Dynamic Fidelity Enhancer) technology, the dynamics of this Cabasse amp are optimized depending on the listening volume. This technology takes into account the volume, the reproduced frequencies and the track to ensure a balanced and dynamic sound, even at low volume. A technique that has already shown its strengths on Cabasse’s connected speakers, including the Cabasse The Pearl Keshi 2.1 system.

Thanks to the combination of its high output power of 2 x 120W into 8 ohms and DFE technology, the Cabasse Abyss amp ensures dynamic and consistently balanced sound.

Thanks to its high power, the Cabasse Abyss amplifier is able to efficiently power the majority of Cabasse bookshelf and floorstanding speakers, but also speakers from other brands. Naturally, it blends harmoniously with the speakers of the French manufacturer from which it extracts the best performance thanks to specific algorithms for each model, including the Cabasse Minorca MC 40, Cabasse Murano, Cabasse Murano Alto and Cabasse Java MC40. Called DEAP (Digital Enhancement of Acoustical Performances), these algorithms take into account the performance of each speaker to offer musicality and settings adapted to the associated models. More than 290 million operations are performed every second to adjust the dynamics, power handling, balance and naturalness of the listening experience.

The Cabasse Abyss connected amplifier features many algorithms calibrated to optimize the sound of the latest Cabasse speakers.

The Cabasse Abyss connected amp can also fine-tune the music reproduction according to the listening conditions. This acoustic calibration system works without a microphone. In the app, you simply have to enter the placement of the speaker based on three presets: in a corner, on the TV cabinet or next to the sofa. It is also possible to select the listening position: a sofa very close to the speakers, in the center of the room or next to a wall. The latter feature mainly influences the bass level to avoid creating resonance in the room. Last but not least, a two-band equalizer lets you adjust the bass and treble levels.

In addition to the DSPs adapted to each Cabasse speaker model, the Cabasse Abyss amplifier allows you to customize the sound reproduction and adjust the performance according to the configuration of the listening room.


The Cabasse Abyss connected amp provides the same network features as the speakers in the Cabasse The Pearl range. Once connected via WiFi or Ethernet, it can play music shared through DLNA from a NAS or computer. The internal DAC then handles the majority of AV, MP3, AAC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC and Ogg audio formats, as well as DSD files up to DSD128.

The Cabasse Abyss connected amp can access many online music services, such as Deezer, Napster, Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal.

Deezer, Napster, Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal are also supported in the Cabasse app, which is free to download for iOS and Android. This app provides access to thousands of web radios via vTuner. It is also possible to stream music from a mobile device, a tablet or a computer using AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth (SBC and AAC codecs).


In addition to its many streaming options, the Cabasse Abyss amplifier has a wide range of connectors, with two RCA inputs and an optical input to connect a preamplified turntable or a CD player, for example. A handy HDMI eARC port is also included to connect a TV. Lastly, the amp features a subwoofer output.

Thanks to its analog and digital inputs, the Cabasse Abyss amp can be easily connected to the majority of audio and video sources, including a TV via HDMI eARC.

All the connectors are located on the rear panel of the amplifier. There is an LED that is constantly lit when the system is switched on. It’s quite bright and can be annoying when the Cabasse Abyss is installed in a bedroom or near the TV. It would have been nice to be able to deactivate this indicator light from the mobile app. This could easily be corrected by a future update.

Cabasse Abyss: key specifications

  • Power: 2 x 120W into 8 ohms and 2 x 215W into 4 ohms
  • Color touchscreen
  • DEAP (Digital Enhancement of Acoustical Performance) technology for Cabasse speakers
  • Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer, Deezer HiFi, Qobuz and vTuner compatible
  • Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth (SBC/AAC), AirPlay 2
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 245 x 97 x 220mm
  • Weight: 3.5kg

Cabasse Abyss: configuration

The Cabasse Abyss is very easy to set up. You simply have to connect the various sources, turn the amp on, then launch the app to connect it to the local network. It also allows you to select the model of the associated speakers (only compatible with Cabasse speakers) and define their location in the room (functional with any pair of speakers). After these steps, which only take a few minutes, the amp is operational.

The Cabasse Abyss amplifier is easily configured in minutes using the free Cabasse app for iOS and Android.

Shared by all the manufacturer’s connected equipment, the Cabasse application is very well designed and is a real asset for this connected amplifier. It provides easy access to compatible streaming services, music shared over the local network and web radios. The interface is modern, well-designed and ensures smooth navigation thanks to four tabs grouping the most used functions and the user’s favorites.

Very well designed, the Cabasse app ensures smooth navigation and allows quick access to the various streaming services, to the music shared over the network, as well as to numerous settings.

For this review, we connected the Cabasse Abyss to the Cabasse Minorca MC 40 bookshelf speakers, then to the Cabasse MC40 Majorca floorstanding speakers as well as the Cabasse Egea 500 and Cabasse Galion VII vintage models. We mainly used the amp’s integrated network player as the source, as well as Teac CD transport connected via optical.

The Cabasse Abyss amp proved to be very balanced and natural with the Cabasse Minorca MC 40 bookshelf speakers thanks to the algorithm specifically calibrated for these models.

Cabasse Abyss: listening impressions

The Cabasse Abyss amplifier displayed great clarity when reproducing music with transparency and a sense of detail. From the very first tracks we listened to, we noticed the Cabasse sound signature, with a well defined soundstage and pleasing tonal balance. The bass was deep and dynamic without being overpowering, the mids were perfectly articulated, and the highs were punchy without being aggressive.

The Cabasse Abyss connected app provided a transparent and clear sound to effectively highlight every sonic detail.

The Cabasse Abyss amp was very energetic, capable of taming all associated speakers with authority. It offered a very lively listening experience and adapted efficiently to all tempos. The dynamic variations of orchestral compositions were instantaneous and reproduced without faltering. The DFE system did an excellent job of maintaining a harmonious and balanced reproduction at any volume. Everything fitted together in a fairly vast soundstage with exemplary transparency.

The Cabasse Abyss benefitted from a colossal amount of energy to reproduce the slightest dynamic shifts with unwavering consistency.

The analytical nature of the Cabasse Abyss amplifier ensured that every detail was reproduced with clarity and naturalness. Its extreme neutrality may sound harsh to some listeners, but it contributes to a natural reproduction, without embellishment or artifice. Every bit of information and nuance in the sound was reproduced with remarkable accuracy, without any alteration or distortion. On the Arctic Monkeys’ album AM, the percussion instruments were materialized with great impact, the electric guitar was very clear, and the crisp vocals were at the center of the soundstage. Everything was perfectly positioned and very refined.

The very neutral Cabasse Abyss reproduced music without coloration, artifice or embellishment.

Cabasse Abyss: compared to…

NAD C700: sold for €1,590, this NAD amplifier is a 2×80 watt RMS connected model. Like the Cabasse Abyss, it shines with its modern design and color display on the front panel. Although larger, it is not touch-sensitive. The NAD C700 is as dynamic and energetic as the Cabasse, but slightly warmer and rounder. The Cabasse Abyss is nevertheless the most balanced amp, especially at low volume. 

Cabasse Abyss: who is it for?

The Cabasse Abyss amplifier is first and foremost designed for Cabasse speaker owners, as it can improve the performance of these models thanks to specially calibrated DSP modes. It will then impress with its exemplary neutrality to reproduce music with clarity and an undeniable naturalness. These qualities can also be applied to other speaker brands, allowing you to discover their true sound, without any coloration or artifice.

The Cabasse Abyss connected amplifier is above all designed for Cabasse speaker users thanks to the algorithms adapted to numerous floorstanding and bookshelf models, but it can also reveal the true sound of any other speaker brand thanks to its perfect neutrality.

Cabasse Abyss: conclusion 

With the Cabasse Abyss connected amplifier, the French manufacturer delivers a model brimming with power and energy. It shines with the dynamism and freshness it brings to music, reproducing the slightest details with precision and naturalness. Cabasse speaker owners will be privileged with the DEAP system, whose contribution is undeniable to take advantage of the full potential of the brand’s speakers, without complex adjustments. An excellent amp that is both stylish, lively and full of potential thanks to its extreme versatility! 

We liked: 

  • The great dynamism
  • The DSPs optimized for Cabasse speakers
  • The design and touchscreen

We would have liked: 

  • For the volume control to have attracted less dust
  • A rounder sound signature?

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