Focal T3Y, Tesla-compatible car speakers!


Here’s a collaboration that will certainly be a hit. With the Focal T3Y range, the French hi-fi and car audio expert offers car speakers for the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y vehicles.

Audio Focal T3Y car audio range
The Focal T3Y car speaker range, dedicated to the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y vehicles, comprises four kits, one of which consists of a pair of subwoofers.

Focal continues to expand its catalog of car speaker drivers. The Saint-Étienne based manufacturer has unveiled the T3Y series, comprising 4 models: the Focal ICC T3Y 100, Focal IC T3Y 100 and Focal IS T3Y 100 car speakers, as well as the Focal IW T3Y 200 car subwoofers. Developed exclusively for the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y electric cars, this range combines French expertise and custom integration to enhance the original audio set-up of Elon Musk’s vehicles. The high-quality Flax fiber cone is used on all the kits in this new Focal car audio range.

Focal T3Y, Flax sandwich cone

The kits in this new Focal range incorporate the Flax sandwich cone, developed by the brand and used in prestigious hi-fi speaker ranges such as the Focal Kanta series. Made from flax and glass fibers, the Flax cone ensures a natural, realistic sound reproduction. The latter is mounted on a butyl surround, a component made from rubber and carbon. The assembly is combined with a neodymium magnet to guarantee ample excursion and allow the bass to unfold properly.

Detail view Flax fiber cone
Like the Focal IW T3Y 200 car subwoofers, the Focal T3Y range adopts a Flax fiber sandwich cone. This ensures a natural, detailed sound reproduction that significantly enhances the sound of your in-car audio system.
Focal ICC T3Y 100Focal IC T3Y 100Focal IS T3Y 100Focal IW T3Y 200
TypeComponent kit, center channelCoaxialComponent kit, 2 separate channelsSubwoofer
Drivers1 x 4″ driver + 1 x 0.8″ tweeter2 x 4″ driver + 2 x 1″ tweeters2 x 4″ driver + 2 x 0.8 tweeters2 x 7.9″ drivers
LocationFrontRearFront left and front rightFront doors
Rated / peak power50W / 100W40W / 80W50W / 100W75W / 150W
Frequency response150Hz to 20kHz150Hz to 20kHz150Hz to 20kHz40 to 1500Hz
Price€179 per unit€315 per pair€365 per pair€459 per pair

Focal T3Y, fast integration

The Focal T3Y car speaker and subwoofer range is designed exclusively for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y vehicles. Consequently, the four kits that make up the series are made-to-measure. For installation, these ultra-thin car speaker drivers require a recess depth of under 4cm. The two car subwoofers in the IW T3Y 200 kit are less than 9cm deep, and can be installed in the front doors of the vehicles. Last but not least, the different kits benefit from a rapid integration system and are easily connected via a dedicated connector.

An iconic French high-fidelity brand, Focal continues to offer exceptional sound to audiophile motorists. These car audio kits have all been developed in France, as was the Flax sandwich cone. The Focal IC T3Y 100 coaxial car speakers are priced at €315. The Focal ICC T3Y 100 and Focal IS T3Y 100 car speaker kits cost €179 and €365 respectively. Finally, the pair of Focal IW T3Y 200 car subwoofers is available from Son-Vidé for €459.

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