Focal Bathys: a new sand-like hue and the same pure sound


The Focal Bathys hi-fi headphones, already acclaimed for their top-notch audio performance, are elegantly reinvented in a brand-new “Dune” color. The Focal Bathys Dune have an elegant design while retaining their audiophile vocation, offering a refined musical experience in a sand-colored finish.

Equipped with 1.6″ aluminum/magnesium “M” dome drivers, these latest-generation headphones guarantee unrivalled high-fidelity sound reproduction. These top-of-the-range transducers are made in France, and are also used in the brand’s other renowned headphones, such as the Focal Clear, Focal Elegia and Focal Radiance.

Focal Bathys Bluetooth headphones
Designed in St-Étienne, France, the transducers of Focal Bathys headphones are made from an aluminum-magnesium alloy with a unique M-shaped diaphragm for superior sound quality.

Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with a Multipoint function enables two devices to be connected simultaneously, offering optimum flexibility for multitasking users. The module is compatible with SBC, AAC, aptX, and aptX Adaptive codecs, guaranteeing outstanding sound quality with a variety of devices. What’s more, the Focal Bathys can be used in USB DAC mode (24/192) with a computer or smartphone. Finally, their battery life reaches 30 hours in wireless mode and with with noise cancelling.

Aesthetically, the Focal Bathys Dune have the same premium design codes as the Focal Stellia and Focal Celestee headphones. They feature a sophisticated finish with high-end materials such as aluminum and magnesium, while offering optimum comfort thanks to their memory foam pads and genuine leather-covered headband. What’s more, the headphones come with an elegant hard carrying case for safe storage.

The new Focal Bathys Dune headphones will be on show at the 2023 Paris Audio Video Show. To find out more about the performance of Focal Bathys headphones, read our review on the Son-Vidé Blog. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy an exceptional audio experience in style with the new Dune color of Focal Bathys headphones.

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