Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and PF-2000 power noise filters


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The Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters are designed to provide a power supply free from interference while protecting devices from power surges. They are a good alternative to standard power strips because of the quality of the current delivered and their ability to meet the high power demands of hi-fi amplifiers and AV receivers, but also of subwoofers.

Sold for €189 and €299 respectively, do the Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters allow you to efficiently optimize audio-video installations?

The Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters protect devices from power surges and filter the mains power to eliminate noise and interference.

Taga Harmony PF-1000/PF-2000: the brand

Taga Harmony’s story began in the early 90s at the initiative of two music lovers and high-end audio specialists: P. Kokocinski (Poland) and K. Richard (Germany). Both of them realized that most of the brands claiming that their loudspeakers provided optimal sound performance were offering them at extremely high prices, without necessarily providing very good sound quality. This observation incited them to create their own brand: Taga Harmony.

The company was initially involved in sound engineering services and the improvement of audio equipment. It took almost two years to develop the first driver prototypes, which were well received by audiophiles. Today, Taga Harmony offers high quality devices for the hi-fi, audio-video and professional markets: headphone amplifiers, stereo hi-fi amplifiers, power cables, stereo RCA cables, power conditioners, USB Audio DACs, phono preamplifiers and power noise filters, such as the Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 of this test.

Taga Harmony PF-1000/PF-2000: packaging & accessories

The Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters come with a standard power cable (1.5m) and an instruction manual. Each is protected by a synthetic cover and carefully packed inside a cardboard box, well secured by foam blocks for the PF-1000 v2 and polystyrene blocks for the PF-2000.

Taga Harmony PF-1000/PF-2000: presentation

The Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters feature a voltmeter and a very precise filtering system optimized by the use of high performance internal components. Their careful design reduces vibrations and sources of unwanted interference.

These power noise filters are suitable for both audio and video use. With a hi-fi system, they ensure a pure and clear sound without distortion. With a 4K TV, a Blu-ray player and a network media player for example, they provide a more detailed picture with richer colors and without noise or frame drops.

Refined design

The Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power strips are finished to a high standard and are built using quality materials. They have a sturdy metal and aluminum alloy casing that provides good insulation against electromagnetic interference.

The Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 has a rather conventional shape: its full-length casing can easily be placed behind a hi-fi cabinet or TV cabinet. The front panel houses the power switch and the pointer voltmeter for input voltage control, as well as a power indicator and a phase indicator. The rear panel houses the power supply connector and the reset button. The latter allows the system to be restarted after a disconnection due to a current overload. The sockets for the different devices to be powered are located on the top (4 filtered sockets and 4 direct sockets).

The Taga Harmony PF-2000 filtered power strip has a hi-fi format with measurements similar to those of a CD player or Blu-ray player (10cm high, 44cm wide and 31cm deep). It can therefore be easily integrated with the various elements of a hi-fi or home-cinema system.

Its brushed aluminum front panel houses a VUmeter, the reset button, a power switch as well as the power indicator and the phase indicator. The rear panel houses the power supply connector and the sockets for the various devices to be powered (5 filtered sockets and 2 direct sockets).

Stable and clean power supply

These Taga Harmony power strips have a significant impact on the sound quality of a hi-fi system, as well as on the resolution of video systems. Electrical networks are prone to numerous interferences generated by the electrical and electronic devices that are connected to it: refrigerator, oven, computer, elevator, etc. This disturbance causes distortion and limits the performance of a hi-fi or home theater system.

To eliminate this interference, Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power strips feature a noise filtering system that ensures the supply of power to the filtered outlets. By ensuring a stable and clean power supply, they also optimize the lifespan of the connected electronics.

Direct power outlets (unfiltered) are also available on each of these two Taga Harmony power noise filters. They benefit from optimized cabling to meet high current loads and preserve the full dynamics of a power amplifier or a subwoofer, for example.

It should be noted that all of the plugs are Shuko-type with the grounding connectors on the sides instead of the traditional pin. This allows you to swap the plug direction of each device if necessary, for better phasing. However, the manufacturer does indicate where the neutral and phase are located on each plug.

Phase indicator

The front panel of Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 features a voltmeter so you can check if the power supply voltage in the wall socket is stable. In addition, an indicator lights up red when the phase of the wall socket is reversed.

Removable power cable

The IEC power cable of the Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters is removable. It is therefore possible to upgrade it with an audiophile power cable like the Taga Harmony TPC TS, for example. The manufacturer lent us one for this test.

Taga Harmony PF-1000/PF-2000: key specifications


  • Metal casing
  • Brushed aluminum front panel
  • Pointer voltmeter and phase indicator

Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 connectors

  • 8 outputs (4 filtered Schuko plugs, 4 direct Schuko plugs)

Taga Harmony PF-2000 connectors

  • 7 outputs (5 filtered Schuko plugs, 2 direct Schuko plugs)


  • Output power: 25000 W
  • Integrated circuit breaker: 10A
  • Noise filter: -10 dB


  • Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 dimensions: 140 x 87 x 450mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Taga Harmony PF-2000 dimensions: 100 x 440 x 310mm
  • Weight: 5.1kg

Taga Harmony PF-1000/PF-2000: configuration

We used the Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters to power several audio-video components, including an AV receiver and a Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer connected to the direct sockets, as well as a 4K Blu-ray player, a Nvidia Shield AV network player and a 5-port Ethernet network switch connected to the filtered outlets. We also connected the Sony XR-65A90J and LG OLED65C1 OLED TVs during their respective reviews.

We connected the AV receiver and the subwoofer to the direct outlets of the Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 power noise filter and the A/V sources to the filtered outlets.

Curiously, the phase indicator was illuminated on both power strips when we connected them to the mains. Our electrical installation is recent (less than 10 years old) and the cables are correctly connected to the wall socket and to the electrical board. When we took a closer look at the Taga Harmony TPC TS power cable used to supply the power strip, we could see that the phase and neutral were reversed! Once the cable connections were rectified, everything went back to normal.

The convenient phase indicators on both the Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and the Taga Harmony PF-2000 light up in red to indicate a phase fault on the wall socket to which they are connected.

Taga Harmony PF-1000/PF-2000: our impressions

Compared to standard power strips, the Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters provide a superior connection quality with a very secure fit for the connected power cords.

Switching from a standard power strip to these Taga Harmony filtered models also allowed us to optimize the power supply of our receiver and subwoofer. The wide gauge internal cabling of these power strips ensures a better energy transfer during high current loads, with more impact and a better reactivity during action scenes. This is especially true when using wide gauge power cables, which are usually limited in quality with entry-level power strips. With the Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters, the current is transmitted with all the energy needed to efficiently power the most demanding elements.

The Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters proved to be precious allies while optimizing our home theater installation.

The filtering of the different filtered plugs is also effective. It was particularly noticeable when switching on certain lamps that usually generated some interference. The sound delivered by the Blu-ray player used as a CD player seemed to be a little clearer and more well defined. We made the same observations with our network player for Deezer and Qobuz playback: a more spacious soundstage and increased definition with a little more audible detail.

During our tests, connecting the TVs to the filtered outlets also seemed to have a beneficial effect on the picture. The result in 4K HDR was a bit more detailed and nuanced, with the filtering of the current probably allowing the various electronic components to work better.

Taga Harmony PF-1000/PF-2000: compared to…

Oehlbach Power Socket 905


The Oehlbach Power Socket 905 can power up to 8 devices with grounding and charge a smartphone or tablet (5V) via its two USB ports. The internal wiring is made of 2.1mm² OFC copper to optimize current transmission. All its sockets are surge-protected but none are filtered and its chassis is not designed to block interference, which explains its lower price tag compared to the Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2. The latter is therefore more effective in protecting devices against power surges and protecting them from interference. It’s a shame that it doesn’t have powered USB ports, but adding a USB transformer can easily compensate for this.

Gigawatt PF-1e


An anti-interference metal chassis, OFC copper conductors and a high maximum output power on the 6 filtered 16A compatible sockets. The Gigawatt filtered power strip has a lot to offer, even if it is less appealing than the Taga Harmony PF-2000. The latter is only slightly more expensive and offers an extra socket and two direct sockets in addition to the five filtered sockets, which is ideal for powering power-hungry devices without compromising their dynamic potential.

Taga Harmony PF-1000/PF-2000: who are they for?

The Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters are for anyone who wants to optimize the power supply to their audio and video equipment without breaking the bank. They’re especially great for those who use high-quality power cables as they allow you to fully exploit their potential, contrary to standard power strips whose low gauge wiring can limit their qualities.

Taga Harmony: conclusion

The Taga Harmony PF-1000 v2 and Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filters are well designed, robust, elegant and efficient. They are the ideal addition to a hi-fi system or a home theater installation to supply the elements with a current free of the interference that can often be found in a home.

Ideally, it is best to also use good quality power cables, such as the Taga Harmony TPC TS, to supply these two power noise filters and the devices connected to them. This guarantees that the power supply will not be restricted to the amplifiers and subwoofers and that the filtered current will remain protected from external disturbances until it reaches the powered devices.

With such a setup, the system’s power supply is optimized, allowing you to take advantage of all its qualities, including vivid attacks and better impact for the sound, and more beautiful images with a 4K TV.

Aesthetically, the Taga Harmony PF-2000 is easier to integrate within a hi-fi or home theater system, close to the various elements to be powered.

We liked

  • The build quality
  • The VUmeter to control the voltage
  • The effective filtering and current transmission
  • The phase control

We would have liked

  • Powered USB ports

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