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Do you dream of completely invisible speakers? English manufacturer Amina grants your wishes with its range of speakers designed to be completely concealed behind partitions, walls and the ceiling. These in-wall/in-ceiling speakers use a vibration system to transform your walls and ceilings into drivers. A revolutionary technology that produces an enveloping sound while ensuring the total invisibility of the speakers.

How do Amina speakers work?

Amina speakers operate using patented Vibrating Panel Technology (VPT). Resulting from an acoustic research program carried out by the British Ministry of Defense in the 1980s, this technology consists of replacing the traditional driver with a flat panel. While a typical driver moves back and forth to diffuse sound, a VPT panel uses an electromagnetic transducer called an “Exciter”. The latter vibrates a resonant panel in order to create low amplitude vibrations to generate the sound wave. This then propagates to the surface of the enclosure panel, then to the surface of the wall or ceiling in which the enclosure is embedded. Therefore, it is possible to install the panel in a wall or on the ceiling without any visual impact.

Amina speakers use a vibrating panel to turn the walls and ceiling into a driver.

Why use an Amina speaker?

Unquestionably, the main advantage of Amina loudspeakers lies in their ability to be integrated. Installed behind a partition, a dropped ceiling or a decorative cladding, the loudspeakers are completely invisible to leave room for the music. The use of VPT technology also has its share of advantages, in particular to produce a more enveloping sound. Unlike conventional drivers, VPT panels create a so-called “random phase” wave. The latter can move around the room without undergoing the usual wall reflections, which are sources of resonance. In addition, by exploiting the very large surfaces of the walls and the ceiling, the distribution of sound is more homogeneous and becomes more independent of the materials or the room layout. Whatever the position of the listener in the room, musical perception is optimal, unlike traditional speakers whose performance declines outside their main axis, especially for the high frequencies.

Amina speakers are concealed behind a coating or a decorative cladding to become completely invisible. The wall then ensures a homogeneous reproduction throughout the room.

The different Amina speakers

To meet the constraints and specifications of different construction or finishing materials, Amina has two families of invisible speakers: Amina Edge and Amina Mobius.

Amina Edge speakers

Amina Edge speakers are designed for drywall installations (eg BA13). Their panel is intended to be covered with a thin finishing layer: paint, plaster, wallpaper or any other thin coating. Designed to replace part of the drywall, the Edge panel is tapered at its edges to allow the addition of a smoothing filler ensuring an invisible joint. The entire wall or ceiling is then painted or wallpapered to ensure perfect integration. This type of simple assembly is particularly suitable for renovation sites.

The peakers of the Amina Edge range are intended to be covered with a thin finishing layer: paint, cladding, wallpaper or any other thin coating.

The Amina Edge range consists of three speakers: the Amina Edge 3i, Amina Edge 5i and Amina Edge 7i. The Amina Edge 3i speaker is the entry ticket to this range of invisible speakers. With a power of 30W RMS, it is ideal for a small living room or ambient listening. It is followed by the Amina Edge 5i speaker which provides 50W RMS of power, a more dynamic reproduction and improved performance in the low-mids compared to its smaller counterpart. Finally, the Amina Edge 7i speaker caps the range thanks to its power of 75W RMS and its ability to produce more energetic and realistic bass.

Once integrated into the wall and covered with plaster, paint or wallpaper, the Amina Edge 7i speaker offers an enveloping sound and a balanced reproduction up to 27kHz.

Amina Mobius speakers

A historic range from the British manufacturer, the Mobius series uses the same VPT vibration technology as the Amina Edge speakers. However, they have the ability to work with a heavier coating up to 3mm thick. The extremely light and rigid panel of these speakers is intended to receive finishing plaster, but also wood, metal, mirror, resin, stone, tiles or any other decorative element that can be applied to a wall or ceiling. The Mobius range therefore offers maximum flexibility to adapt to all interiors and surfaces. This series includes the Amina Mobius 5i S200 speaker, which uses all of Amina’s exclusive technologies. The result is an extended frequency response and great balance, even with thick materials.

This hotel room is equipped with several Amina Mobius 5i S200 speakers , all hidden in the walls and covered with different materials.

Amina subwoofers

The Amina Edge and Amina Mobius invisible speakers offer a wide bandwidth. The restitution is balanced down to 45Hz for the most efficient models. To enjoy deeper and physical bass, the British manufacturer also offers in-wall/in-ceiling subwoofers, including the Amina ALF40 and Amina ALF120. Unlike speakers, the latter use standard drivers, the lows being more difficult to reproduce by vibratory frequency in walls and ceilings without generating undesirable resonance. To remain invisible, these subwoofers fit behind walls and partitions. Only one or several ports remain visible to allow the sound waves to be dispersed throughout the room.

Once an Amina subwoofer is integrated into a partition, only its circular port remains visible, ensuring great visual discretion.

Amina speakers form the most successful integration solution to date for any user looking for a high-quality reproduction, but for whom the installation of conventional speakers is impossible. They are ideal if you are short on space or if you want to keep your interior decoration intact. Amina loudspeakers are also perfect for adding sound to public spaces such as a hotel, shop or restaurant, while preserving the charm of the establishment.

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