Six new Focal car subwoofers


Focal has just unveiled six new car subwoofers from the Motorities range. The Focal Sub 10, Focal Sub 10 Dual, Focal Sub 10 Slim, Focal Sub 12, Focal Sub 12 Dual and Focal Sub 12 Slim. The Saint-Etienne brand is enriching its offer and, as a result, confirming its top position in the field of car audio.

New Focal subwoofers: 10 and 12 inches, single or double voice coil and slim format

The new range of Focal subwoofers is available in six different formats to adapt to all in-car installations. The manufacturer therefore offers two diameters: 10 or 12” (25 or 30cm). For each size, there are three models suitable for different uses. A single coil subwoofer for classic use. A double coil model to obtain greater performance. And a subwoofer model with a thinner profile (slim) offering greater compactness for easier integration. Each of these Focal subwoofers comes with a removable protective grille.

This new range of Focal subwoofers therefore includes the following references:

Focal Sub 10

Focal SUB 10
The Focal SUB 10 car subwoofer measures 10″ in diameter and has a power handling capacity of 250 watts RMS (500 watts max.).

Focal Sub 10 Dual

Focal SUB 10 Dual
The Focal SUB 10 Dual car subwoofer adopts a 10″ polypropylene cone. Its dual voice coil architecture (2 x 4 ohms) allows it to be connected in parallel into 2 ohms. This allows the amplifier’s power to be used to the full.

Focal Sub 10 Slim

Focal SUB 10 Slim
The Focal SUB 10 Slim car subwoofer has a very thin chassis. This Focal car subwoofer is therefore easily installed in tight spaces, such as the sides of a trunk. It is intended to be mounted in a sealed enclosure.

Focal Sub 12

Focal SUB 12
The Focal SUB 12 car subwoofer features a 12″ polypropylene cone. Its power of 300 watts RMS is ideal for reinforcing the bass of any car audio installation. It can be mounted in a sealed or bass-reflex enclosure.

Focal Sub 12 Dual

Focal SUB 12 Dual
The Focal SUB 12 Dual car subwoofer measures 12″ in diameter and has a rated power handling of 300 watts RMS (600 watts max). It adopts a double 50 millimeter voice coil (2 x 4 ohms) allowing parallel assembly. It then operates into 2 ohms, which allows the amplifier’s power to be used to the full.

Focal Sub 12 Slim

Focal SUB 12 slim
The Focal SUB 12 Slim car subwoofer measures 12″ in diameter and has a rated power handling of 280 watts RMS (560 watts max). Its very narrow depth makes it easy to install where space is limited.

New Focal subwoofers: reinforced bass

These new Focal subwoofers adopt a very robust polypropylene cone. It is particularly suitable for producing energetic and powerful low frequencies. It cannot be stressed enough: the integration of a subwoofer in a vehicle significantly improves the quality of the sound reproduction. The sound is fuller, with more texture thanks to the extension of the dynamic range.

These new Focal subwoofers offer high power handling, between 230W and 250W RMS for the 25cm (10”) models. The 30cm (12”) models accept an amplification of between 280 and 300W RMS.

New Focal subwoofers: total compatibility

Compatible with the manufacturer’s entire Car Audio catalogue, these new Focal subwoofers are the ideal complement to an Auditor, Access, Universal, Polyglass or Slatefiber installation. Of course, they can also be combined with car speakers from other brands. Focal single and dual-coil subwoofers accommodate sealed and bass-reflex enclosures. The slim versions are designed for sealed enclosures.

These new Focal car subwoofers are on sale now. Selling prices range from €109 to €149 depending on the model.

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