Focal Electra: a hi-fi option for the new DS 7 (2022)


Like the previous generation, the new DS 7 2022 SUV features a car audio system designed by Focal. Combining elegance and performance, the two French brands demonstrate once again their expertise in this gem inspired by haute-couture. The latest model from DS, this French model aims at audio excellence with the Focal Electra system. A 16-channel amplifier of 690 watts powers the 14 speakers cleverly positioned throughout the cabin. All this is integrated into the new SUV, which is offered in plug-in hybrid (E-Tense with 225, 300 or 360 hp) or diesel (BlueHDi 130 hp) versions. A must for aficionados of good music when driving.

New DS7
DS Automobiles calls on Focal’s expertise to integrate its Electra audio system into the latest DS 7.

Created in 1979 in Saint-Etienne, France, Focal has developed its acoustic expertise to deliver a high-fidelity audio experience in cars. Whether it’s a hi-fi car audio system to be installed in your vehicle or optional custom-made models, Focal creates real mobile listening rooms. After the presentation of the Focal hi-fi system in the new Peugeot 408, it is now the turn of the brand-new DS 7 to benefit from brand’s know-how with the Focal Electra system.

Focal hi-fi car audio system

Focal Electra: an immersive driving experience

The Focal audio system for the DS 7 consists of 14 speakers, including 2 rear satellite speakers and a subwoofer. At the heart of this exceptional vehicle, Focal integrates exclusive technologies ensuring an optimal listening experience. The 14 speakers include models with a polyglass cone, the TNF tweeter and the Power Flower.

Focal Electra diagram

The midbass drivers are equipped with polyglass cones. Small glass beads are applied to a cellulose cone for a precise and balanced sound. In addition, the two satellite speakers in the rear provide deeper immersion and spatialization to immerse passengers in the sound. The soundstage is more enveloping and everyone benefits from a pure, precise and balanced musicality.

The subwoofer is equipped with a triple voice coil incorporating Power Flower technology. The latter makes use of several ferrite rings gathered around the central core. The result is deep, powerful and controlled bass. Finally, the tweeters use the signature technology of the French brand: the inverted dome. The latter delivers soft highs and better spatialization.

Focal Electra: driver close-up
With exclusive Focal technologies and precisely positioned drivers, the Focal Electra hi-fi system offers a detailed and very immersive sound.

Instead of the 12-channel amplifier of 515 watts used in the 2018 DS 7 Crossback audio system, the new installation features 16-channel active Class D amplification. The amplifier delivers 690 watts and guarantees an excellent listening experience. The sound remains powerful while maintaining low power consumption.

The Focal Electra hi-fi system is therefore ideal for music-loving motorists looking for a vehicle that combines driving pleasure with all the requirements of high-fidelity sound.

A long-standing partnership

This French partnership isn’t new, as different DS Automobiles vehicles have had the opportunity to feature Focal systems. The DS E-Tense, DS X E-Tense, DS 3 Crossback, DS 9, DS 4, DS 7 Crossback and, lastly, DS 7. All these vehicles benefit from an excellent audio system offering optimal musicality. In addition, the first generation of the DS7 Crossback SUV with a Focal car-audio system was presented at the Son-Vidéo store in Lille in October 2019.

Focal DS 7 Crossback
In 2019, Focal presented its audio system integrated in the first DS 7 at the Son-Video store in Lille.

The engineering and design teams of the two French companies collaborate to associate technique and aesthetics. The positioning of the speakers, the acoustic architecture as well as the design of the grilles are particularly well thought out, offering a truly impressive musical result.

Focal audio system in DS Automobiles vehicles
After numerous Focal audio systems integrated into their vehicles, DS Automobiles once again trusts its French partner to offer immersive sound in the 2022 DS 7.
Brand guide: Focal

DS 7: a high-tech experience

The new DS7 SUV has an all-new look: new grille, different upholstery choices, new wheels, reworked headlights… So many changes that make you want to buy this latest generation of car. As for the engine, the 180 HP PureTech petrol version is no longer available like it was for the DS 7 Crossback. However, the E-Tense plug-in hybrid versions with 225, 300 and 360 (limited edition) horsepower and the BlueHDi diesel engine with 130 horsepower are in keeping with current trends. These vehicles are available with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

DS 7 key specifications

Power Hybrid E-Tense – 225 HPE-Tense Hybrid – 300 HP Hybrid E-Tense 360 HP (limited edition)Diesel BlueHDi – 130 HP
0 to 100 km/h8.9 seconds5.9 seconds5.6 seconds10.8 seconds
Max. speed225 km/h235 km/h235 km/h195 km/h
Torque360 Nm360 Nm520 Nm300 Nm

Marketed since July 2022, the new DS 7 is available from 44,700 euros. And to discover new musical horizons in your car, don’t hesitate to browse the playlists!

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