Xbox X and S series: the first noise-cancelling consoles


Following the announcement made last May to the brand’s insiders, Microsoft is releasing a system update for the Xbox X series and S series consoles. One of the most anticipated additions is the anti-noise filter for online conversations. Directly built-into in the system, this feature, activated by default, can be deactivated from the options menu.

Remove the noise-cancelling directly in the menu.
If you don’t like the noise-cancelling feature, you can deselect it in your console’s options menu.

PC users are familiar with this anti-noise feature, which is very useful for online gamers. Among the various updated features, noise-cancelling is finally coming to consoles. It allows you to eliminate as much as possible in your gaming headphones the annoying noises that surround you during your games such as breathing, the noise of the controllers, birds or even cars driving by. However, this function has its limits, as you will still here some sounds, although they will still be attenuated.

No more noises will disturb you during your game.
Enjoy fully immersive gaming on Xbox X and S consoles with the noise cancellation of the new September 2022 update.

This update also includes a feature allowing you to join your fellow gamers. When you share a short video or screenshot with them, they can join you in-game from any device: PC, smartphone or tablet. Note that this feature requires an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to work with some games.

The 10.0.22621.1836 update is currently being deployed since September 7 in France. It should bring you other bug fixes in addition to the two features highlighted by Microsoft.

Noise-cancelling and Dolby Atmos: play in absolute comfort.
The Xbox S and X series benefit from noise-cancelling and are Dolby Atmos compatible, so you’ll be able to enjoy incredible sound during your games.

These constant improvements are designed to help you perform and beat your opponents. But what good is immersion in your favorite game and great sound quality without a decent gaming display? To help you make the right choice, you can consult our guide to the best gaming TVs for PS5 and Xbox X and S series, specially designed for console gamers. Find our selection of gaming hardware as well as tips to improve your setup and, most importantly, your gaming performance.

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