B&W PX8: the new benchmark in noise-cancelling headphones?


After the release of the PX7 S2 headphones last July, the British hi-fi brand has now unveiled its latest flagship model: the B&W PX8. Defined by Bowers & Wilkins as the new benchmark in performance and design for Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones, the PX8 are efficient, versatile and stylish. Many features are therefore on the menu: active noise cancelling, Transparent mode, Bluetooth aptX Adaptive, advanced DSP…

Bowers & Wilkins unveils the all-new PX8 Bluetooth headphones, featuring technologies such as active noise cancelling, Transparent Mode, and Bluetooth aptX Adaptive.

In 2010, the brand began creating headphones with the famous P5 model. The latter already used high-end materials for a pleasant listening experience. Thanks to the expertise accumulated over the years by the brand, these new B&W wireless headphones are designed to let you listen to all your content, whether it’s your favorite music, movies, TV shows or video games. After the success of the B&W PX7 S2 Bluetooth headphones, which has won many awards from the specialized press, can the new flagship of the range, sold for €699, compete with models such as the Apple Airpods Max or the Beyerdynamic Amiron?

B&W PX8: a new audio design

Carbon transducers

The biggest innovation of the B&W PX8 headphones is their audio design. Bowers & Wilkins equips these new Bluetooth headphones with 40mm precision-angled carbon cone transducers. Inspired by the B&W 700 Series’ drivers, these new units are expected to offer even more “detail, resolution and space.” Moreover, the drivers are angled inside each earpiece to ensure a constant distance from the listener’s ear. Immersion and precision guaranteed!

To deliver natural, accurate sound, the new B&W PX8 Bluetooth headphones feature 40mm full-range carbon transducers.

The British company combines a “fully optimized motor system, with a revised magnet, voice coil and surround”. This new design has an impact on the distortion which becomes extremely low. The result is a natural, detailed, clear and realistic sound.

Enhanced DSP and Bluetooth aptX Adaptive

Another big improvement is the DSP. As a reminder, the Digital Signal Processor is a microprocessor optimized for specific digital signal processing. Here, the Px8 use a powerful DSP that ensures high-resolution 24-bit sound quality from suitable streaming services.

Connected with the supplied cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth aptX, the B&W PX8 headphones provide high-resolution 24-bit sound quality.

This DSP is combined with Bluetooth 5.2 wireless transmission technology that supports aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, AAC and SBC codecs. This module offers an optimal transmission quality to enjoy your playlist in high resolution, but also to play or watch a video without latency between image and sound. Whether you connect the B&W PX8 headphones via USB or Bluetooth, the sound is as close as possible to what the artist intended when recording. A great way to rediscover the songs of your favorite artists!

B&W PX8: Active noise cancelling and Transparent mode

The B&W PX8 wireless headphones have multiple microphones. Two of them are dedicated to voice capture. They allow you to enjoy phone calls with a clear and detailed voice reproduction. They are also designed to allow you to use the voice assistant installed on the smartphone or tablet (when you don’ want to use the integrated control buttons). Making a call, changing tracks and pausing playback can all be done using the voice assistant.

There are also four microphones for active noise cancelling (ANC) as well as for Transparent mode. Carefully placed, the microphones capture the surrounding sounds and filter them to a greater or lesser extent. Proprietary noise cancellation technology optimized by Bowers & Wilkins suppresses ambient sound. This allows you to listen to your music without hearing conversations or engine noise in public transport, for example. The Transparent mode allows you to bypass the passive isolation of the circumaural design by integrating the sounds around you into your music. A real advantage at the train station or airport to hear announcements and avoid missing your train/plane.

To isolate you from ambient noise, the B&W PX8 headphones feature B&W’s proprietary noise cancellation technology. Conversely, the Transparent mode allows you to be fully aware of your environment.

B&W PX8: autonomy, comfort and design

To keep your playlist playing all day long, the B&W PX8 headphones have a built-in battery that provides up to 30 hours of autonomy with Bluetooth and ANC enabled! A handy bonus is that a quick 5-minute recharge provides over two hours of additional listening time. So the Bowers & Wilkins PX8 can rhythm your daily commute as well as your longer trips. They also come with a carrying pouch to ensure optimal protection.

To enjoy music without worrying about battery levels, the B&W PX8 headphones have a 30-hour battery life (Bluetooth and ANC activated).

In terms of aesthetics, this new model is based on the PX7 S2. However, the B&W PX8 Bluetooth headphones benefit from more premium finishes. First, the ear cups and headband feature memory foam for optimal comfort. These earpieces are also covered with a beautiful genuine Nappa leather. Also, the B&W PX8 feature cast aluminum arms and shiny diamond-cut edges on its oval ear cups. Finally, the Bowers & Wilkins logo is engraved on the earpieces of the PX8, where it is simply printed on the PX7 S2. These headphones are available in two colors: black and white/caramel.

Key specifications

Type: closed-back
2 x 40mm full range carbon transducers
Bluetooth 5.2: aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, aptX, SBC, AAC
Hybrid active noise cancellation and Transparent mode (4 microphones)
Battery life: up to 30 hours of music playback via Bluetooth and ANC
USB-C charging and audio interface

The Bowers & Wilkins PX8 headphones will be available for €699.

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