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How do you get a luxury car into your living room? By turning it into a Bluetooth speaker of course! This is what iXOOST has done. This Italian company uses components from prestigious cars to make hi-fi equipment. Porsche has used an exhaust pipe, but iXOOST goes bigger. Pirelli tires, helmets signed by drivers, Lamborghini chassis, nothing is impossible for the Italian manufacturer.

A soundbar with a Lamborghini design

Imagine the hood of a Lamborghini car with drivers that play your favorite music. This is the kind of crazy idea that iXOOST comes up with. The Italian manufacturer collaborates with the country’s leading automotive brands to design exceptional hi-fi equipment. The ESAVOX soundbar perfectly symbolizes the manufacturer’s goal. This collector’s item combines design and performance for a 100% Italian handcrafted object.

Equipped with a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis polymerized in a 6-bar autoclave, this iXOOST ESAVOX soundbar has a power of 800 watts. Regarding sound, it features two 1″ tweeters and two 6.5″ midrange speakers. A specific 10″ woofer completes the device. Bluetooth 4.2 aptX compatible, this uniquely designed soundbar features a 6.1 virtual surround system. It also offers an auxiliary input to play music stored in the internal memory of a device such as a smartphone. Resulting from an exclusive collaboration between Lamborghini and iXOOST, the ESAVOX soundbar is also designed using a real exhaust from the Lamborghini Aventador car.

A motorcycle helmet becomes a Bluetooth speaker!

But iXOOST’s imagination does not stop there. The manufacturer is also able to turn a Moto GP rider’s helmet into a connected speaker! This is the case with the DOVI#04 SOUND model. The Bluetooth speaker takes the form of an authentic helmet worn by Andrea Dovizioso, Italian champion with 4 podiums in the premier class. The icing on the cake is that each speaker is autographed by the pilot.

Once again, iXOOST takes sound seriously. The speaker includes 4 drivers: two 1″ tweeters and two 4″ midbass drivers, alongside an amplification announced at 200 watts. The midbass drivers are down-firing to optimize the available space and maintain the original shape of the composite fiber helmet. Like the ESAVOX soundbar, this speaker is equipped with a Bluetooth aptX connection. Robust, it weighs 5kg. Both original and powerful, the DOVI#04 SOUND Bluetooth speaker will delight music lovers who love motor sports.

A Formula 1 tire streams your music

Since nothing seems impossible for iXOOST, the Italian manufacturer has set itself a new challenge for the 150 years of the brand Pirelli. Turn a Formula 1 tire into a Bluetooth speaker! This project resulted in the Pirelli P ZERO Sound. A Bluetooth 4.0 aptX speaker built into a tire developed for the world’s fastest cars.

The Pirelli P ZERO Sound Bluetooth speaker features a 1″ tweeter and a second 4.7″ midbass driver. Regarding power, the device delivers 100 watts and covers a frequency response of 45Hz to 22kHz. A detail that will please racing fans: these Pirelli tires were used in wind tunnel tests carried out by engineers from various Formula 1 teams!

Taking on the aeronautical world

Just like the prestigious collaborations between the hi-fi and automotive worlds such as McLaren and B&W, Peugeot with Focal or Harman Kardon and Renault, iXOOST invents its own definition of Car Audio. The Italian company does not shy away from any project and has also created the Radial6. This Bluetooth speaker is designed from a piece of an aircraft engine in collaboration with the designer Mirco Pecorari.

The Radial6 docking station is based on the old radial aircraft engines that flew during World War II. It is Bluetooth aptX compatible and has a 3.5mm mini-jack input. This speaker includes 7 drivers: two 1″ tweeters, four 2″ midrange drivers and a 4″ woofer for an amplification of 400 watts. The Radial6, made of anticorodal-110, weighs 20kg and is 45cm high, 41cm wide and 52cm deep.

iXOOST is always looking for new challenges and enjoys exploring untapped concepts. The company connects different domains in order to conceive exceptional objects intended for collectors passionate about mechanics and hi-fi. The only limits the brand respects seem to be those of its imagination…

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