Samsung OLED S95C: the ultimate Samsung OLED TV


Samsung OLED S95C
Samsung S95C OLED TVs enjoy high brightness, a very effective anti-glare filter and perfectly calibrated colors.

The second generation of Samsung OLED TVs is enriched with a new premium range called Samsung S95C. This new 2023 vintage offers high brightness, an excellent anti-glare filter, perfectly calibrated colors, a remote connector box and an ultra-slim silhouette. Here’s a look at the new 2023 Samsung S95C OLED TV range.

Samsung S95C: 1400 nits, anti-glare, expert calibration

The Korean manufacturer wants to impose its Samsung S95C TV range as the new reference in the world of 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs. Like the Samsung S90C OLED TV series, the S95C series features a panel that combines OLED technology with Quantum Dots (QD-OLED). However, it is more powerful and confirms its premium nature in many ways.

OLED and Quantum Dots
The self-emitting pixels of the Samsung S95C TVs’ OLED panels offer deep blacks, while the Quantum Dots guarantee bright and vivid colors.

Compared to the Samsung S90C range, the S95C models claim to be 20% brighter. The manufacturer does not provide an official number, but various tests suggest a peak brightness close to 1400 nits. Enough to enhance Ultra HD 4K content in HDR10+, especially since the Samsung S95C range is HDR10+ Adaptive and Gaming compatible. The first adjusts HDR rendering according to the ambient light, the second optimizes the display of video games in HDR.

Samsung has also calibrated its screens in order to provide perfect image quality in accordance with directors’ intentions (FilmMaker Mode). In addition, Samsung S95C TVs debut a new, high-performance anti-glare filter, similar to the one found on the best TVs in the Samsung Neo QLED 2023 series.

Samsung OLED S95C: Dolby Atmos sound

Dolby Atmos audio section
The Samsung S95C televisions’ 70-watt power audio section supports Dolby Atmos and delivers punchy bass through multiple drivers on the back of the screen.

Finally, the audio section also proves to be more powerful, with 70 watts of power spread over 4.2.2 channels for the diffusion of Dolby Atmos soundtracks. Q-Symphony technology is still in place, to synchronize the TV’s drivers with those of any compatible Samsung soundbar. The guarantee of exceptionally immersive sound!

Samsung S95C: ultra-slim design, One Connect box

While Samsung televisions are always on the cutting edge of technology, they also stand out with designs that emphasize aesthetics, user experience and integration.

Ultra thin OLED panel
Measuring just over a centimeter thick, the Samsung S95C are the thinnest OLED TVs on the market.

At just over a centimeter thick, the new Samsung S95C TVs have an extremely thin profile. The manufacturer achieves this by moving the connectors and some of the electronics into a separate box. Connected by a single cable to the screen, the One Connect box combines the HDMI 2.1 ports, the USB ports, the optical output, the Ethernet port and the TV antenna sockets. This means that the screen can easily be mounted on the wall, and the One Connect box and sources (4K Blu-ray player, video game consoles, media player) can be hidden inside a TV cabinet.

Samsung OLED S95C: One Connect remote box
The connectors and part of the electronics of Samsung S95C TVs are deported in an external One Connect box.

Samsung S95C: the ultimate gaming TV

Gamers have known for a long time that Samsung TVs are among the best for enjoying video games in optimal conditions. With this new Samsung S95C series, the gaming specs get even better with support for the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro VRR protocol to eliminate judder and image tearing. The HDMI 2.1 inputs are all VRR, 4K/144Hz and ALLM compatible, with extended HDR compatibility including HDR10+ Gaming.

Gaming Hub
4K 144Hz compatible HDMI 2.1 ports, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and HDR10+ Gaming: Samsung S95C TVs are ideal for gamers. The gaming hub even allows you to play hundreds of games without a PC or console thanks to cloud gaming.

Like all Samsung TVs released since 2022, the Samsung S95Cs feature the Samsung Gaming Hub. This interface includes several Cloud Gaming services and shortcuts to Twitch and YouTube. The most popular online gaming services are integrated, so you can enjoy Xbox and PC games directly from the TV, without a console or computer. All you need is a controller or a keyboard and mouse combo and a fast Internet connection to play immediately, with no download time or latency (subscription to cloud gaming services is not included with the TV).

In summary

The new Samsung S95C OLED TV lineup provides high-end performance with high brightness, a powerful anti-glare filter, a perfectly calibrated panel, and a remote connector box, all in an ultra-slim and aesthetically pleasing silhouette. Samsung S95C TVs are also perfect for gaming with FreeSync Premium Pro support, 144Hz display frequency and HDR10+ Gaming compatibility. With these technical and aesthetic characteristics, Samsung intends to impose its Samsung S95C range as the new reference in the world of 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs.

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