High End Munich 2023: hi-fi news


The 2023 edition of the High End trade fair in Munich was the opportunity for many manufacturers to unveil their latest products and innovations. They met for 4 days with ever more impressive audio demos. Here is the most remarkable news of this High End show.

Rose Audio

The Korean manufacturer Rose Audio took advantage of the High End trade show in Munich to unveil its new Rose RS130 network player. Described as “the ultimate digital audio source for any high-end hi-fi system”, this player is inspired by the popular Rose RS250A and Rose RS150B, from which it borrows the large front panel touch screen. There have the same streaming options, with access to DLNA and Roon, as well as the majority of online music services like Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Music or Spotify.

The Rose RS130 network player borrows the design of the popular Rose RS250A and Rose RS150B with its large front panel touch screen for intuitive and user-friendly operation.

However, the new Rose RS130 does not have a built-in DAC and is only a digital transport. Its design is optimized to provide the cleanest and most stable signal possible to the coaxial, optical, AES/EBU, I2S and HDMI outputs. The new Rose RS130 player will be officially launched this summer. Its selling price has not yet been announced.

The Rose RS130 network player features a fully digital design, requiring an external DAC.


Japanese manufacturer Yamaha showed off its new Yamaha R-N1000A and Yamaha R-N800A connected amps at the High End Munich show, alongside the Yamaha MusicCast WXA-50 and Yamaha R-N2000A. Very comprehensive, these two amplifiers of 2 x 100 watts into 8 ohms are equipped with MusicCast streaming and a wide range of connectors with analog and digital inputs, including an HDMI eARC port. They adopt technologies inherited from the brand’s high-end models, including a 32-bit/384kHz and DSD 11.2 MHz compatible ESS DAC. Finally, YPAO automatic calibration ensures optimal performance in any living space.

The new Yamaha R-N1000A and Yamaha R-N800A 2 x 100 watt 8 ohm connected amps support Hi-Res streaming and playback at up to 32-bit/384kHz to ensure accurate and detailed sound.

The Yamaha R-N1000A is the more ambitious of the two new models, with a design reinforced by a double-bottom chassis that includes a metal plate. It has a custom designed transformer associated with high quality capacitors and resistors.

The Yamaha R-N1000A promises great performance in any interior thanks to YPAO microphone calibration.

The Yamaha R-N1000A amp will be available from July 2023 at a price of €1,599. The new Yamaha R-N800A will be launched on the same date at a price of €1,099.


French company Jadis celebrated its 40th anniversary at the Munich High End by unveiling a new edition of its iconic Jadis I300 tube amplifier. The latter adopts a pure class A push-pull design without feedback. It uses 300B power tubes for incomparable musicality. This amp, presented in a special 40th anniversary edition, benefits from very stable ultra-low noise transformers to maximize dynamics and transparency.

The 40th anniversary edition of the Jadis I300amplifier promises a warm and natural listening experience thanks to its 300B power tubes combined with an advanced circuit.


Naim also used the 2023 High End Munich show to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the new Naim Nait 50 integrated amp. A true tribute to the iconic 1983 Naim Nait 1, this new edition retains its vintage look with a front panel adorned with numerous knobs and a purely analog design. This new Naim Nait 50 amplifier is based on a fully linear design with a class A/B power stage. It can deliver 2 x 25 watts into 8 ohms or 2 x 60 watts into 2 ohms.

The Naim Nait 50 integrated amp is a limited edition tribute to the legendary Naim Nait 1 from 1983.

The Naim Nait 50 amp will be available from June at a price of €3000. This edition will be limited to only 1973 units, to commemorate the year of the brand’s creation.


Announced a few days before the show, the new NAD M66 preamp was unveiled to the public for the first time at the High End trade fair in Munich. This no-compromise model features Dirac Live Acoustic Calibration with Bass Control to adjust reproduction to the listening room. It can enhance all sources thanks to its comprehensive set of connectors that features analog and digital inputs, including phono MM/MC and HDMI eARC. Streaming is possible thanks to the BluOS multi-room ecosystem offering access to the majority of online music services, as well as DLNA music up to 24-bit/192kHz and MQA.

The NAD M66 is a no-compromise preamp featuring the latest innovations from NAD, including a Dynamic Digital Headroom circuit to reduce distortion.

The NAD M66 preamp is the first model to feature NAD’s innovative Dynamic Digital Headroom (DDH) circuitry. This technology eliminates the clipping distortion that can occur during digital-to-analog conversion. It therefore promises an extremely realistic and detailed listening experience. This exceptional model will be marketed from fall 2023 at a price of €5,999

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio unveiled the Cambridge Audio EVO CD player for the first time. This model is specifically designed to work with the Cambridge Audio EVO 75 and Cambridge Audio EVO 150 connected amps. It is fully controlled by them, either with their remote control or via the Cambridge StreamMagic mobile app.

The Cambridge Audio EVO CD player is specifically designed to work in perfect harmony with theCambridge Audio EVO 75 and Cambridge Audio EVO 150.

The Cambridge Audio EVO CD player adopts the same sleek design as the Cambridge Audio EVO 75 and EVO 150. Like the latter, it has customizable side panels, with two included sets: a pair in black corrugated metal and a pair in wood for a more vintage look. Finally, information about the discs being played, including album art, can be displayed on the color screen of Cambridge Audio Evo amps.

Bluesound Node X

The recently launched Bluesound Node X network player was on display for the first time at a trade show. This model is a limited edition designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand. It reinvents the iconic Bluesound Node (2021) and enhances it with audiophile-grade components and a new headphone amp with THX AAA modules for even greater performance. The countless functions are still present, with access to streaming services, DLNA music, Bluesound or AirPlay 2 multi-room, as well as the ability to connect a TV in HDMI eARC.

The Bluesound Node X network player is a limited edition designed to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary. It perfects the Bluesound Node (2021) with audiophile components and a real headphone amp.


Announced a month ago, the Magnetar UDP900 audiophile Blu-ray player was on public display for the first time. The big brother of the Magnetar UDP800, this player offers a wider range of connectors, including a 7.1 channel RCA pre-out section. Powered by the MediaTek MT8581 chip, the Magnetar UDP900 supports a variety of disc formats, including CD, DVD (including recordable DVD), Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D, DVD Audio and SACD.

The Magnetar UDP900 uses hi-fi quality components to ensure optimal playback of CDs, DVDs (including recordable DVDs), Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D, DVD Audio and SACD.

The Magnetar UDP900 can play media files from external hard drives up to 16TB through its USB port. It is compatible with MKV, AVI, MP4, WAV and FLAC files. The Magnetar UDP900 also supports HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. In addition, it supports DTS:X and Dolby Atmos soundtracks and has a Hi-Res Audio certification, confirming its audiophile qualities.


JBL took advantage of the show to highlight its latest electronics, which were previewed last January at CES 2023. We could see the JBL SA550 Classic amplifier, a model delivering 90W per channel into 8 ohms in class G. It has three RCA inputs, including an MM/MC input, an optical input, a coaxial input and a Bluetooth aptX Adaptive receiver. This new amp will be available very soon at a price of €1,900. It will join the JBL Classic Series, which also includes the JBL L52 Classic, JBL L82 Classic and JBL L100 Classic speakers.

The new JBL SA550 amp is capable of delivering 90 watts per channel in Class G to efficiently drive multiple pairs of speakers.

The American manufacturer also presented the JBL MP350 Classic network player. It is Google Chromecast, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and Roon Ready compatible. It will be marketed at the same time as the JBL SA550 Classic amp at a price of €1000. This range is rounded off with the new JBL CD350 CD player, compatible with commercial and burned CDs. It also benefits from a USB-A port to read files up to 24-bit/96kHz. This player will be available simultaneously with the rest of the range for a price of €900.

The JBL MP350 Classic network player brings together the most modern streaming technologies in a decidedly vintage format.


During the show, British manufacturer Chord launched its first integrated amplifier: the Chord Ultima Integrated. This 125 watt per channel model features the latest dual-powered error correction topology. This technology analyzes the signals before the output stage to ensure that they are identical to the source. The Chord Ultima Integrated amp also takes advantage of the latest developments in low distortion power supplies to ensure accurate and faithful reproduction.

The first integrated amp from the British manufacturer, the Chord Ultima Integrated is capable of accurately delivering 125 watts of power per channel.

The Ultima has four inputs, one fully balanced and three unbalanced, each using individual buffering and selective filtering against RF interference. This integrated amp will be available from September 2023 at a price of £8,500. The exact price in euros is not yet known.

The Chord Ultima Integrated amp features an error correction system combined with a buffer memory to preserve all the details of the recordings.

The High End trade show in Munich also featured many other innovations, including new Elipson products and numerous vinyl releases. Stay with us throughout the weekend to follow all the news of the show.

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