L.A. Good Vibe: Focal invites itself into a mobile solar studio


Fifty years after the success of the Rolling Stones’ mobile studio, it’s the turn of Joachim Garraud, DJ, producer and sound engineer from Nantes, to design and launch a mobile recording studio called “L.A. Good Vibe”! Go on the road to professional mobile and solar recording with the Focal brand and Joachim Garraud, a highly successful producer. Currently based in Los Angeles, he has combined his passions for creation and traveling by designing a mobile recording studio. He says he finds inspiration in being on the move and the way “time stands still when we are immersed in nature.” For him, respect for nature is a necessity. That’s why Joachim Garraud chose solar panels to power this mobile studio.

Joachim Garraud's motor home, the L.A. Good Vibe, redefines mobile and ecological recording.
The Californian sun provides all the energy needed to keep the L.A. Good Vibe recording studio running independently.

Solar powered recordings

Since his first trip in 2019, he has already visited several sites in California, Arizona (including the Grand Canyon), Nevada and Utah. Initially created for himself, he quickly opened the doors of the L.A. Good Vibe to his artist friends – Yard of Blondes, deadmau5, Jean-Michel Jarre and Dirtyphonics, to name a few.

The control cabin of the motorhome equipped with Focal Solo6 be monitoring speakers.
The control room with its several windows offers an ideal setting to unleash their creativity.

Joachim’s L.A. Good Vibe is fully soundproofed like any self-respecting recording studio. In addition, thanks to the solar panels installed on the roof and the powerful battery storage, the equipment can operate 24 hours a day. You can write, produce music and eat day and night, even in the middle of the desert, in an environmentally friendly way.

The roof surface of the van has large solar panels for total freedom.
Solar panels run the length of the roof and offer the freedom to record in locations that invite inspiration.

A recording studio equipped by Focal

Far from the small car radio in our cars, the cockpit area is equipped with synchronized iPads to control sound and navigation. The studio area for mastering and mixing has a pair of Focal Solo6 be speakers. The “Screens” area, which displays the current session, is equipped with Focal 100 ICW 8 in-wall speakers and 3 dedicated subwoofers. Joachim decided to work with the French manufacturer because “regardless of the level Focal products are used at, their precision, warmth and extreme sound definition are fantastic.”

The fruitful collaboration between Focal and Joachim Garraud guarantees the success of the L.A. Good Vibe.
The Focal ICW8 in-wall speakers and the dedicated subwoofers in the “Screens” section provide excellent sound for the entire bus interior.

The L.A. Good Vibe naturally has a vocal booth and also a kitchen, a bathroom and even 6 berths! All of these fully equipped areas make this vehicle a comfortable home, as well as a workplace with state-of-the-art technology. Based in Los Angeles, Joachim Garraud still decided to work with the Focal teams. Like the Citroën DS7, Focal speakers will be installed inside the L.A. Good Vibe for a powerful, high-fidelity sound… Also for the outdoors! They also plan to develop a sliding rail that will extend the surface of the solar panels, further increasing the vehicle’s independence.

The bunks in the camper allow you to rest comfortably after a long recording session.
To record in the best conditions, comfort has not been forgotten in the L.A. Good Vibe motorhome!

The former resident DJ of the Queen nightclub has moved to the USA, where he is once again successful. Many sound engineers have had the same idea of combining recording and mobility, but few have been successful. We sincerely hope that Joachim Garraud and his recording studio L.A. Good Vibe keep going for a long time. With Focal as a partner, the DJ from Nantes has definitely bettered his odds.

The sound system of the motorhome and the recording studio is designed by Focal!
The delivery of Focal speakers to equip the recording studio and to properly soundproof the motor home.

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