CES 2023: Focal Vestia, French elegance


Unveiled a few months ago at the Paris Audio Video Show 2022, the Vestia range from Focal is about to enter the floorstanding speaker, bookshelf speaker and center speaker market. At CES 2023, the French manufacturer lifted the veil on the design of this new series. Slatefiber cone, TAM tweeter with M dome and refined finishes: we know a little more about the French company’s latest series!

The Focal Vestia range includes 5 speakers and 2 speaker stands. Models designed for a hi-fi system or a home theater installation, offering an immersive experience that is rich in emotions!

Packed full of innovations

The Focal Vestia range features five speakers that are made in France: three floorstanders, one compact and one center. In addition, there are two speaker stands for the compact model and the center speaker, the Vestia Center.

Simply named Vestia n°1, the bookshelf speaker is a 2-way model with a bass-reflex enclosure. A concentration of the company’s expertise, like all the speakers in the range it has a Slatefiber cone made of recycled carbon fiber placed between two layers of thermoplastic polymer. This proprietary technology should ensure that the driver is rigid, damped and lightweight. It is a TAM tweeter with inverted dome and M profile that is in charge of reproducing the high frequencies.

Like the Focal Vestia n°1 bookshelf speaker, all the speakers in the series feature Slatefiber drivers made of recycled carbon fiber and thermoplastic polymer. A design that ensures rigidity and lightness for a distortion-free sound.

The Focal Vestia n°2, Vestia n°3 and Vestia n°4 floorstanding speakers are 3-way models. The midrange/low frequency drivers also benefit from the Slatefiber cone, accompanied by a tweeter identical to the Vestia n°1 compact speaker. However, these three speakers rest on slightly sloping legs. This design optimizes the temporal alignment of the different drivers. This offers the listener a deeper immersion in the heart of the sound field, for listening sessions rich in emotion.

On the Focal stand, the surprise revelation of the Vestia range was one of the most notable surprises at the Paris Audio Video Show 2022.

Focal sound

With the Vestia range, Focal promises an even finer reproduction of sound details. The French brand has equipped the different models with a double port: one in the front and one in the back. The manufacturer seeks a balance between impact and encompassing bass to offer maximum depth to the soundstage.

Moreover, the inverted dome tweeter made of a magnesium and aluminum alloy is another Focal classic. It ensures a minimum of distortion while offering a wider diffusion angle, guaranteeing a very accurate reproduction of the high frequencies.

The floorstanding speakers of the Focal Vestia range are available in three models: the Vestia n°2, Vestia n°3 and Vestia n°4. They rest on legs that are slightly tilted backwards, ensuring better sound immersion and avoiding vibrations.

An exemplary finish

Like the Vestia Center, the center speaker of the new Focal range, the whole series has an elegant finish. Their front panel is covered with leather, a luxurious material that gives the speakers a refined aesthetic. The leather is combined with glossy or imitation wood MDF for a harmonious and chic look.

The Focal Vestia Center, Vestia n°1, Vestia n°2, Vestia n°3 and Vestia n°4 speakers will be available in 3 colors: black, brown and white. More generally, the Vestia speakers look similar to the Chora range, softening certain edges and adding a metal ring around the drivers.

While Focal hasn’t given an exact date of release, fans of the French manufacturer are already longing to test their favorite music on the speakers from this new range.

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