CES 2023: LG Display unveils its innovative displays for cars


LG Display took advantage of CES 2023 to present its new displays and audio solutions specifically designed for the automotive sector. The brand says this market is an important area of growth for the company. With the slogan “Advanced Mobility Lifestyle”, LG Display opened its first stand entirely dedicated to the latest generation of displays for the vehicles of tomorrow.

At CES 2023, LG Display will present its new displays specifically designed to be integrated into cars.

While the brand has just announced its third generation of LG OLED TV panels as well as its first OLED TV with wireless 4K transmission, the Korean manufacturer wants to clearly display its ambitions in the automotive sector. It recently unveiled invisible speakers designed to revolutionize car audio. This system has already been awarded the CES 2023 Innovation Award (In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety category).

Woman holding the Thin Actuator Sound Solution
LG Display wants to make its mark in the automotive world. The Thin Actuator Sound Solution technology, unveiled a few weeks ago, is an “invisible” sound solution using the car’s materials as acoustic membranes.

P-OLED technology

Alongside these innovative speakers, there are also P-OLED and LTPS (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon) LCD displays, specially designed for the vehicles of the future. These innovations allow the creation of larger screens with better resolution and a more specific and practical design.

P-OLED displays are lightweight and flexible. They can be folded to ensure a perfect integration on the dashboard. The Korean manufacturer claims that this more ergonomic device allows the driver to clearly see the dashboard and the navigation system at the same time.

Note that this innovation is inspired by the OLED Tandem technology (2nd gen.) which uses an OLED panel with double organic electroluminescent layer. As a result, the driver benefits from increased brightness and better durability compared to a single-layer OLED design. This second version also ensures a 40% reduction in energy consumption.

The leader in OLED TVs presented an autonomous concept car equipped with the brand’s innovations at its stand. At its heart was the industry’s first ever 18″ OLED automotive display. This sliding OLED panel is cleverly placed under the car’s roof and can be deployed to entertain passengers.

Transparent OLED technology can also be seen in this concept car. In practice, the 55″ transparent OLED replaces the window so you can either enjoy the outdoor landscape or watch any content.

Largest LCD car screen and bright head-up display

At the LG Display stand, you could also find the largest LCD car screen in the world, measuring 57″ (144 cm) across! Covering the entire dashboard, this screen promises maximum visual comfort. In addition, the LTPS LCD panels use polycrystalline silicon, a material synthesized at low temperatures. Among the benefits of this design, the lower energy consumption would allow electric cars to improve their range.

Interior of car equipped with LG Display with man behind the wheel
With low power consumption, LTPS LCDs are a huge advantage for electric cars!

Finally, LG Display introduces the Head-Up Display (HUD) based on LTPS LCD screens. This new head-up display promises superior image quality with a brightness of up to 5,000 nits.

3D display without glasses, Privacy mode

The Korean company is also working on creating a 12.3″ (31 cm) glasses-free 3D display panel. The eye-tracking technology would allow the driver to receive, among other things, traffic information in real time. An ambitious driving assistance device that we can’t wait to discover!

LG Display also introduced Switchable Privacy Mode, a viewing angle control that helps drivers focus on the road, without being distracted by the passenger screen display.

We will continue to innovate with differentiated technologies such as our automotive displays – a critical component of future vehicles – to deliver unparalleled and unprecedented driving experiences.

said Byeong-koo Kim, senior vice president and head of the Auto Business Group at LG Display.

The South Korean manufacturer plans to launch the commercialization of its 30″ P-OLED display range during 2023 and aims to expand it with 50″ displays.

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