Alpine: versatile car audio systems


Alpine has made a grand entrance into Son-Vidé’s car audio catalog. On the menu, 4 ranges of coaxial and kit speakers, amplifiers, active and passive subwoofers, not to mention car radios. A wide selection that will meet the requirements of music lovers seeking to improve their original installation.

Alpine, a Japanese success story

Japanese company Alpine Electronics was formed from a merger between Alps Motorola and Alps Electric in 1967. The company quickly became known for the quality of its 8-track cartridge players for car radios. The CM630 cassette player was added to Lamborghini vehicles in 1977. In the late 1980s, Alpine Electronics switched from magnetic tapes to CDs.

Today, the Japanese firm has diversified into high-tech sectors such as drone design. Nevertheless, Alpine Electronics continues to be a major player in car audio innovation. In 2019, it developed the X3-180S-LUP-LP2 and X2-25TW-LUP-RV4, 3-way car speakers with a tweeter that rises when turned on.

Alpine X3-180S-LUP-LP2 car speaker
The Alpine X3-180S-LUP-LP2 3-way car speaker has a built-in tweeter that rises when the car radio is turned on.

Alpine Speakers: a blend of proprietary technologies

Among the car speaker ranges, the R-Series and S-Series stand out. Both versions incorporate exclusive Alpine Electronics technologies. First, the HAMR Surround (High Amplitude Multi-Roll) technology. This system offers optimal cone excursion for the speakers while providing excellent low frequency control. This guarantees powerful and distortion-free bass, even at high volume.

Detail view of HAMR technology of Alpine car speakers
Alpine’s proprietary HAMR technology ensures optimal woofer excursion. The Alpine R2-S65 coaxial driver is combined with a magnesium dome tweeter that reproduces very high frequencies up to 40kHz.

In addition, the multi-branch basket of the S-Series and R-Series car speakers allows for excellent ventilation and preserves the smooth movement of the voice coil while limiting resonance. The result is responsive sound that enhances the immersive experience in your vehicle.

However, there is one thing that distinguishes the two ranges designed by Alpine Electronics: the material of the speaker’s cone. On the R-Series, it is a reinforced fiberglass cone. This material combines rigidness and lightness to distribute the mid and low frequencies in a realistic manner. The fiberglass also allows for ultra-fast response and accurate music reproduction.

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The S-Series has a cone made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The latter makes the cone more uniform, which then ensures a clearer reproduction by limiting distortion. This CFRP cone is combined with a rubber suspension that gives the woofer full freedom of movement to deliver deep, powerful bass.

Detail view of Alpine S-Series speakers with carbon reinforced plastic cone.
Like the Alpine S-S65, the S-Series car speakers feature a carbon fiber reinforced plastic cone. An alloy that limits distortion to enjoy a precise reproduction.

Alpine universal car stereos

In addition to car speakers, Alpine Electronics offers versatile car radios. The iLX-W690D, iLX-705D, iLX-F115D and iLX-F905D models support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto navigation protocols. The screen of the car radio becomes an extension of the smartphone to which it is connected in order to provide simplified access to various apps. Alpine Electronics car radios also feature a Bluetooth receiver to enjoy music stored in a smartphone’s memory or via a streaming platform like Spotify, Qobuz or Deezer.

CarPlay and Android Auto compatible Alpine car radio.
Like the iLX-705D, the majority of Alpine’s car stereos are compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto navigation protocols. The device’s screen becomes an extension of the smartphone it is associated with to ensure safe access to apps when driving.

Finally, all models developed by Alpine are equipped with an FM and DAB+ tuner. The latter ensures optimal listening quality by occupying a different frequency band from FM. This system minimizes any interference.

Alpine iLX-F115D car stereo with tilting screen
Equipped with an FM and DAB+ tuner, the Alpine iLX-F115D car radio has a tilting screen to give you the best viewing angle for safe driving.

Alpine: passive and active car subwoofers

Alpine Electronics is committed to offering a complete and comprehensive range of components for car audio installations. Consequently, the Japanese manufacturer also develops car subwoofers. Like the PWE-S8, some have their own amplification system. In addition, this model benefits from an ultra-flat design. It can be placed under a seat in the front of the vehicle or in the trunk without taking up too much space.

Alpine PWE-S8 active subwoofer in ultra-flat format for easy integration
The Alpine PWE-S8 active subwoofer features an impact-resistant aluminum chassis. Thanks to its ultra-compact size (7cm thick), it can be easily placed under a seat or in the trunk.

The Alpine SWE-815 includes a removable port plug and a remote control to adjust the subwoofer settings to your liking. This active model features an amplification of 150 watts to power a 7.9″ driver.

While collaborations between car manufacturers and hi-fi brands are on the rise, such as Harman Kardon and Renault and B&W and Volvo, Alpine offers you the possibility to create a custom car audio system. Making your daily commute more dynamic and immersive!

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