Focal Utopia car audio: an immersive system for the DS E-Tense Performance


A Focal Utopia car audio system is at the heart of the latest DS E-Tense Performance concept car! Six years after the release of the DS E-Tense, Focal and DS Automobiles are back together to work on the ultimate experimental sports car. On the program: immersive audio and automotive performance on board this technological jewel!

The new DS E-Tense Performance prototype features the Focal Utopia car audio system to deliver immersive sound throughout the car’s interior.

In recent years, sports cars are increasingly equipped with high-end audio systems. Examples are the partnership between McLaren and Bowers & Wilkins or the collaboration between Sonus Faber and Maserati to create a concert hall at 325 km/h. French brand Focal has already proven itself through the Focal audio car installed in the Peugeot 508 Sport Engineered.

After the creation of the audio system for the DS 7 SUV and the car audio for the DS 4 hybrid vehicle, this new Focal Utopia in-car hi-fi system includes nine speakers judiciously positioned throughout the inside of the DS E-Tense Performance. Focal has not released any more details about this installation, but claims to offer an “immersive music experience”.

“The soundstage promises sensational sound, matching the driving experience offered by the DS E-Tense Performance.”

The nine Focal drivers in the DS E-Tense Performance’s cabin ensure optimal sound immersion.

The concept car features a dual 600 kW (815 hp) electric motor, four-wheel drive and an all-carbon body. This electric prototype is the first French car to exceed 800 HP.

As a tribute to this exceptional vehicle, the two brands present the Focal Scala Utopia Evo Iridescent floorstanding speakers. Like the paint used on the DS E-Tense Performance, this special edition of the Scala Utopia Evo speaker features an iridescent finish with a dichroic effect that combines boldness, charisma and sportiness. Depending on the angle and the outside light, the colors vary, offering a very appealing look. A true work of art, this French speaker benefits from the best components and offers a unique sound signature.

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