Samsung The Freestyle 2023 portable projector: cloud gaming & cinemascope


Unveiled at CES 2022, the Samsung The Freestyle portable projector marked the Korean manufacturer’s grand entrance into the pico projector market. In 2023, the manufacturer will release an improved version of this Samsung The Freestyle projector with two significant new features: the ability to merge the image of two projectors to project in cinemascope format, and the Samsung Gaming Hub to play wirelessly without a console or PC via cloud gaming!

Samsung The Freestyle 2023 portable projector
Compact and lightweight, the Samsung The Freestyle projector can follow you around the house. You can even take it with you on the weekend or on vacation. Its 2023 version should be even more attractive with new features announced.

The Freestyle 2023: the all-purpose projector

Portable, exhaustive and easy to use, the Samsung The Freestyle caught users’ attention as soon as it was released in early 2022. Light enough (800g) to be carried in one hand, this projector can be powered by an external battery for mobile use when not connected to a power outlet at home.

Samsung The Freestyle 2023 portable projector
As it is adjustable, the Samsung The Freestyle can project a movie on the ceiling. You can stream movies and series while lying on your bed or sofa!

The Samsung The Freestyle can be rotated 180° to project onto the ceiling, automatically adjusts the projected image (focus and geometry) and broadcasts sound at 360°. Connected to the Internet, it streams movies and series from Netflix, Disney+, AppleTV+ and even YouTube and projects them onto any wall of the house.

The Freestyle 2023: 21:9 cinema image

The Samsung The Freestyle 2023 portable projector brings a new feature to moviegoers: Smart EDGE Blending. This allows users to combine two Samsung The Freestyle projectors to project a large 21:9 cinema format image.

In this case, each of the two projectors projects one half of the image. The left and right parts of the picture are automatically assembled, without any misalignment and without any manual adjustment by the user.

Cinema formats

The Freestyle 2023: Samsung Gaming Hub

The other major new feature adopted by the Samsung The Freestyle 2023 projector is its compatibility with the Samsung Gaming Hub. We talked about it on this blog, this service allows you to free yourself from your console or PC to play your favorite games on any 2022 Samsung Smart TV. Now it’s also possible with the Samsung The Freestyle 2023!

Samsung The Freestyle 2023 portable projector: cloud gaming
The Samsung The Freestyle 2023 features the Samsung Gaming Hub with access to Xbox games and the GeForce Now service via the cloud. Now you can play anywhere on the big screen, without a console or PC!

Samsung has not yet announced a price or release date for the Samsung The Freestyle 2023. If you’re not planning to project in cinemascope or exploit cloud gaming, the first-generation Samsung The Freestyle is still perfect for big-screen streaming and console gaming anywhere at home, at friends’ houses and on vacation!

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