CES 2023: Wisear Perceive, wireless earbuds with neural detection


Like every year, CES 2023 saw many innovations: an OLED TV with wireless 4K transmission, a gaming soundbar with head movement tracking, surround sound headrests for gaming chairs… However, another technology intrigued us, that of the Perceive earbuds: wireless models with neural detection presented by the French start-up Wisear. Their goal? To allow users to control their IEMs without using their hands or voice.

Wisear Perceive earphones
Wisear Perceive earphones are the first to be controlled silently and completely hands-free.

Using voice commands in public places, with background noise and the privacy issues that this poses, can be difficult for some True Wireless earbud users. Wisear’s in-ear monitors, called Perceive, are designed to “read” the listener’s facial activity.

To do this, tiny electrodes are integrated into the earbuds. They record the activity of the brain, eyes and face. The Artificial Intelligence developed by the brand, and recently patented, decodes these signals. They are then transformed into intuitive controls. In practice, clenching your jaw could be used to control music playback or to answer a call, for example.

Wisear Perceive earphones
By clenching the jaw once or several times, the listener can control their Wisear Perceive IEMs. This brings new meaning to the term “hands-free”!

In time, the company says the earbuds will add eye and brain activity to the various modes of use. The first option should be included by the end of 2023 and brain control by 2024.

We now have two neural-based controls operating with over 98% accuracy. Our technology works the same or better than any button on today’s earphones. ”

The R&D team has already miniaturized the technology and made it robust enough to ensure the earbuds can be used anywhere.

This innovation presented by the French start-up Wisear was awarded the innovation prize at CES 2023 in the “Headphones & Personal Audio” category.

Wisear Perceive earbuds: CES 2023 Innovation Award
Featuring patented Artificial Intelligence developed by Wisear, the Perceive earbuds received the Innovation Award at CES 2023 in the “Headphones & Personal Audio” category.

Currently presented as a working prototype, the Wisear Perceive earphones resemble first-generation sports earbuds. However, a fully miniaturized version should be developed in the coming months.

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